SO WITH NEARLY EVERY WEEK bringing the demise of another corporation that paid big bucks to slap its name on a sports arena, can we finally agree that this is not the wisest use of a marketing budget?

It used to be that all it got you was the undying enmity of fans that beloved Old Brown Shoe Park had been renamed the ComNetTelSys Center. That alone was a .44 shot to the foot. But now it fairly screams that you’re some multimerged giant that’s about two seconds away from collapsing in a hail of indictments.

A little creative thought and half the money could produce results that would say far more about a company’s innovation and spirit (assuming it really has any)—throw an all-city party, paint cows all over town, whatever. Almost anything like that would do more for a brand than trying to impress the same 18-49 males as everyone else with the biggest logo on the Uberdome.

So the next time some CEO starts dreaming of his company’s name in stadium lights, challenge him instead... to think out of the skybox.

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