No. 10/Cruisin' Fall 2000

Love Cruise/Cruiser Control: I Buy a PT Cruiser

Word, Perfect: Settling U.S. v. Microsoft

Video Rec-O: Funny Ha Ha—Not Just Blah


No. 9/Toasty Summer 2000

Speakerdrone: A Lunch With The Old Ad Guy

Michael Gebert Writing | Calendar For August 2000

Video Rec-O: The Apostle Robert Duvall


No. 8/Woodsy Spring 2000

Dot-Com Lately: An Out-There Epiphany

Home For Strays: Short Thoughts That Never Got Longer

Video Rec-O: Memorable Bob Hope


No. 7/Winter 2000

Special Winter 1900 Issue: Whither Advertising?

All I Really Need To Know I Learned From Stanley Kubrick

Good Book Filler: Hey, Whipple, Squeeze This

Video Rec-O: Billy Wilder, American


No. 6/Late Summer 1999:

An Ad Named Sue: The "Super Bowl" Lawsuit

Flip Vs. Drip: Scientific Proof At Last

Video Rec-O: Brainy Edition 2, Still Thinkin'!


No. 5/Brisk Spring 1999:

No Secrets: Negative Words and the Hidden Powers of Copywriters

Video Rec-O: New Noir at the Video Store

Cinerama Lives! (In Ohio)


No. 4/Dead of Winter 1998-9:

Copywriters Against Chaos: Extra Large Thoughts on a Small Copy Problem

Michael Gebert, Writer Store After Xmas Sale!

Video Rec-O: A Comic Comet


No. 3/Late Fall 1998

Senseless Creativity: A True, Mouse-Oriented Story, plus Award Filler

Video Rec-O: Great Comedies You Never Heard Of


No. 2/Mid-Summer 1998

Rules, Schmules: Do the Traditional Rules of Direct Mail Still Matter? plus: Direct Mail Rules For a Busy Planet

Video Rec-O: Smart Movies For a Dumb Season


No. 1/Late Spring 1998

Char-Broiled Food For Thought

What the Heck Is Shameless Self-Promotion?, plus Award Filler

Video Rec-O: Train Movies


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