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A page devoted to proving that the most famous lost film... isn't!

Tod Browning's 1927 film "London After Midnight" is rivaled only by the original 10-hour version of Erich von Stroheim's "Greed" as the most famous of all "lost" films. Since the 1960s readers of magazines such as "Famous Monsters of Filmland" have been convinced of the sadly missing status of this masterpiece, the ultimate collaboration between the legendary star of "Phantom of the Opera," Lon Chaney Sr., and Tod Browning, the brilliantly dark director of "Dracula" and "Freaks."

But all is not as it seems in the world of film collectors...

At the same time that "London After Midnight" was declared irrevocably lost, rumors have continued to circulate that a "private collector" had a copy of the film which was brought out only for showings carried on with as much mystery as the goings-on at the home of Roger Balfour in the film. Raymond Rohauer, David Bradley, William K. Everson and others have all been rumored to be the possessor of the rare, unique print.

But what if it wasn't so unique after all?

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