I'VE DONE A LOT OF OLD MOVIES LATELY, so time for another edition of smart recent movies for the dumb summer season (not quite over...)—every one of them made during this millennium!

Ripley’s Game John Malkovich has one of his best roles ever as an older version of Patricia Highsmith’s talented Mr. Ripley, a drolly scary sociopath with a cultured exterior—and absolutely no scruples about what he’ll do to maintain his cushy lifestyle.

Ginger Snaps Easily the best straight-to-video Canadian teen werewolf movie ever made, a surprisingly smart and well-acted horror flick about two Goth teen sisters who thought their lives were screwed up even before one of them got the curse.

24 Hour Party People
High-energy comedy about the rise and fall of the 80s Manchester music scene. The joke (which may not be wholly intentional) is that said scene actually seems kind of lame—but few movies better capture the youthful exuberance that truly believes a couple of good bands and parties=Renaissance Venice.

Infernal Affairs Tough as a punch in the gut, a Hong Kong crime story about a cop planted in a gang and a mole planted among the cops, looking for each other while their secrets eat them alive. See the original before the Scorsese remake (with Damon, DiCaprio and Jack Nicholson as the mob boss behind it all) comes out.

Talk To Her
A man who barely knew a female bullfighter ends up watching over her comatose body; he meets another man doing the same; and no one should spoil further surprises in this masterpiece in which—as always in great Spanish art—the sacred and the profane are on intimate terms.

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