Bigger, badder... and this time it’s personal. Another sequel in my series of smart recent movies to rent during summer's days of movie infamy.

The Butcher Boy Neil (The Crying Game) Jordan turns the standard triumph-of- the-Irish-spirit movie violently upside down, with this tale of a poor, unlucky lad whose front of cheerful Irish pluck isn’t Angela’s Ashes... so much as Norman Bates.

The Dreamlife of Angels
Beautifully acted French slice of ultrarealism about two working class girls who become friends; one seems grounded, the other flaky and desperate—but first impressions prove deceiving.

The Iron Giant
In the Cold War 50s, a boy finds—and has to protect from paranoid grownups—a 60-foot robot. Funny and surprisingly moving cartoon fable, from a lead animator on The Simpsons, that plays like a hipster version of E.T.

Female Perversions
Here’s something you don’t see at the multiplex every day: a drama “adapted” from a work of feminist theory (or at least its title). Not without pretensions, but with some keen insights into being of a “superwoman” in a man’s world—and starring the best English actress you’ve never heard of, Tilda Swinton.

The Woman Chaser Amusingly cynical film noir, set in the 50s and shot in b&w to a soundtrack of lounge music, about a hardnosed LA car salesman (the Adam West-voiced Patrick Warburton) who gets bitten by the moviemaking bug in the worst way.


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