BOB HOPE DID HIS NOT-VERY-FUNNY TV SPECIAL SHTICK for so long it nearly erased the memory of his earliest days. But there really was a time when he was the fastest comic mind alive, and a handful of his movies will last forever. Here are memories to thank Bob for:

The Road to Morocco—The breezy charm and what-the-hell plotting of Bob and Bing Crosby’s Road movies nearly always works, but this one, with its gleamingly fake studio Arabia, is the breeziest of all.

The Princess and the Pirate—Cowardly Bob falls in with pirates Victor McLaglen & Walter Brennan in his liveliest costume comedy.

Son of Paleface
—Harvard-educated dentist Bob goes west in this wild western comedy, which gives him such classic western props as Roy Rogers, Jane Russell and Trigger to play with.

Where There’s Life
—When a Balkan king is assassinated, they have to hurriedly dig up his American heir—fast-talking DJ Bob.


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