Spectacular savings on items from the Michael Gebert, Writer store!
CEO Polo

Impress the other ad biz tycoons on the golf course! Tastefully embroidered pocket reads “My Agency Is Doing So Well We’ll Soon Need Help From Michael Gebert, Writer!” XXXL only (too big? Downsize it!), in Bluechip, Greenmail, Golden Parachute. $1,199.95.


MGW Beanie Baby

In today’s economy it’s never too early to give your child a positive freelancing role model. Huggable, collectable, available. Limit 5. $299.95.


Miracle Sleep Inducer

Finally, a cure for creatives’ insomnia that really works! Ingenious device mimics the sound of an overhead projector—causing creatives to fall asleep instantly! Warning: May cause hyperactivity in research, media people. $179.95.


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