SUMMER IS A BIG MOVIE SEASON. A big dumb movie season (yeah, Godzilla, I’m talkin’ to you). Here are some smart movies of the 90s to rent and remind yourself that there are such things as wit, or characters, or plot:

Impromptu—A droll, high-spirited account of the romance between pants-wearing author George Sand (Judy Davis) and the angelically sickly Chopin (a charming Hugh Grant).

Trees Lounge
—Ubiquitous independent film actor Steve Buscemi (of Fargo woodchipper fame) turns writer-director with a first film better than most of those he’s been in, a sharply-etched portrait of a Long Island loser (guess who).

Ma Saison Preferée (My Favorite Season)—Fine French character study with Catherine Deneuve and Daniel Auteuil as chic middle-class siblings separated by busy lives.

A Midnight Clear—Thoughtful WWII drama with a surreal edge; Gary Sinise and Ethan Hawke are among the soldiers who’ve been guarding a remote chateau a little too long.

Angels and Insects
—A lowborn naturalist is taken in (in more ways than one) by a family of decadent aristos. A visually dazzling, eye-opening dissection of Victorian tribal behavior.

Red—An aged crank of a judge and a model unexpectedly connect. The last of Polish master Krzsystof Kieslowski’s “Three Colors” trilogy, and the best... movie of the 1990s?


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