A FREELANCER, LIKE ANY ADVERTISER, has to keep his name in front of the public. Ordinarily that would mean some kind of arty self-promotion piece with oh-so-clever copy.

But as someone who has evangelized for the power of long-form, interactive, genuinely involving content in advertising and direct (and occasionally even done such work for clients like McDonald’s), I decided I’d rather do that for me, too.

So that’s what this newsletter will contain. Examples of things I’ve done and could do for you. Commentary on advertising and direct techniques. And purely fun stuff—as a published author on the movies, I figure one thing everybody could use would be good video recommendations.

If this happens to amuse you during the staring-into-space-thinking portion of your day, implanting a subliminal reminder of my existence and availability, it’s done its job. Oddly enough, if it merely reminds you I’m out there before going into the trash, the same is true.

The latest addition to my wallpaper collection: 1997 Caples Awards Finalist, Multimedia/Trade, for agency (Rapp Collins) self-promotion piece and ad aimed at electric utilities.


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