IT'S TIME FOR ANOTHER LIST of genuinely funny movies that got overlooked while the supposedly funny (say, Adam Sandler) got rich:

Dazed and Confused “Is that that dumb stoner movie?” someone asked me. No, it’s that smart stoner movie—the types in a Texas high school circa 1976, nailed with anthropological comic precision.

Slums of Beverly Hills
Sharply observed growing-up-absurd comedy about the misfit teen daughter of a 90210-area failure (Alan Arkin).

A Guide For the Married Man Robert Morse teaches Walter Matthau how to have an affair, with the help of guest “stars” like Joey Bishop and Terry-Thomas, in this incredibly sexist (but genuinely funny) 60s comedy.

The Big Bus Pre-Airplane! (1976) spoof of disaster movies, as agreeably silly as a Get Smart marathon, about the sabotage-prone maiden voyage of a nuclear-powered bus. “Jettison the flags of all nations!”

A Merry War
The always watchable Richard E. Grant (Withnail & I) as a copywriter in the 30s who unwisely chucks it all for poetry and nature.


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